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Welcome to Conversations of Purpose Podcast a weekly show where we have candid conversations that address topics such as mindset, purpose and fulfillment. We live in a world where many people, despite accolades and money are no longer fulfilled in life. I strongly beleive that what is missing to the puzzle of their life is purpose. What’s the purpose to all of this? Why do we do what we do? Why must we work 40 hours and week and still not be fulfilled? What are the mindsets that we must adopt to beome fulfilled? And how do those who are truly thriving in their personal life and careers/business make it daily and what mindset did they have to implement and adopt to become who they are today? All of these questions and more will be answered in the various episodes I will bring to you weekly.

Who Am I?

Hi everyone! Thank you for stopping by Conversations of Purpose. I am Adeola Adunni, an entrepreneur, podcaster, vlogger and online digital content creator. I have been teaching for 13 years and I love helping people thrive in their society. I entered the podcasting world in 2015 with my first podcast, This Faith Thing. Conversation of Purpose was birth out of the need to have true and meaningful conversations that help the individual move past delay and disappoint to ultimately discovering faith in themselves, purpose in their calling and ultimately fulfillment in their lives both personally and professionally. We can never be fulfilled if we are not speaking the truth to ourselves and those around us.

What To Expect

Every week we will bring to you a fresh thought provoking idea or interview with an individual who will speak life into your destiny. We will dive deep into the mindset that you must have and acquire to change your life so that you are ultimately satisfied and fulfilled to becoming the highest version of yourself.

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