In today’s episode, I speak candidly on why it is essential for all of us to become our authentic self.  Without accomplishing this task first, we will find it very difficult to fully engage and understand some of the deep conversations coming to this podcast show.  In order to fully become fulfilled in life we must be authentic to ourselves and to our purpose in life.

In today’s episode you will learn:

  • Why you must become your authentic self
  • Energy source matters
  • Learning to be comfortable making others around you uncomfortable and much more!


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Journal Worksheets: HERE

3 Purpose Points

  1. We block the answers that we need for our life.  We have to be willing to uncover it, consciously.
  2. We have to reprogram our minds and thoughts in order to become our highest self!
  3. Energy can never be created or destroyed only transferred and renewed.  Attract positive energy only.

3 Action Points

  1. Ask yourself vital questions and be truthful to yourself.
  2. BE DO HAVE and not HAVE DO BE.  Be the person that you want to be, do the person to be that person then you will have what you desire for your life.
  3. Eliminate anything or anyone who will not allow you to become your highest self.


Golden Point

Life will never yield anything to you on a platter of gold, you have to FIGHT for it!



to dream big, live consciously and have meaningful and purposeful conversations!