If you know anything about me then you will know how much my family means to me.  I am so forever grateful that I am not an only child and that I have two amazing sisters.  In today’s episode, I chat with my two younger sisters, Folashade Butler and Adebisi Adebowale.  These women are phenomenal in their own right and are some of the most EPIC women you  ever meet.  If you have siblings especially sisters then you will know what it means to have a chat that can go on forever.  We spoke on so many different topics and it took over two hours.  Since it was a long one, I’ve split the episode into two.

In Part 1 of this chat you will learn:

  • What our birth order has taught us
  • What it means to be first generation Nigerian American
  • What we love about our African culture
  • And much more!

You just have to tune into the show to get all the gist!  I hope you enjoy.


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Folashade Butler

Adebisi Adebowale


  1. Family means everything.  Cherish it/them!
  2. Your birth order can affect the way you view life.
  3. The most powerful statement on Earth is I AM.


  1. Begin introducing yourself as I Am instead of My name is.  This causes you to embody the meaning behind your name.
  2. When you meet a person with a foreign name, take time to learn how to say their name instead of saying it’s hard.
  3. Find a local Nigerian restaurant and have a taste of proper Nigerian Jollof rice and giz-dodo!



You are an embodiment of your name!


to dream big, live consciously and have meaningful and purposeful conversations!