Welcome to Conversations of Purpose podcast, a weekly show designed to engage you in meaningful and purposeful conversations that will encourage you to elevate and level up your life.

You know what?  I’ve noticed that many people desire to be great, live in abundance and ultimately be fulfilled in life, but the problem – or should I say challenge?! – is where to start and how to start. Many times we focus on our careers, desiring and working toward reaching the top level which we can attain while neglecting our mental, physical and spiritual well-being. The truth, friend, is that we can never have true professional satisfaction without taking care of grooming and maintaining our personal well-being.  There is no such thing as professional or career development without personal development. When you are physically healthy, mentally stable, spiritually elevated, that’s when everything else falls into place.

I enjoy having meaningful and purposeful conversations with individuals who challenge my mind and cause me to think deeper than where I currently am. I’ve never been into vanity metrics, but into personal development and empowerment that will not only shape me as an individual but those around me. The right conversations need to be taking place and well …

The truth of it is that we’ve been having conversations all wrong.  A Yoruba adage says that when two people walk into a room and come out smiling they’ve lied to each other, but if two people walk into a room and they have frowns on their faces and they go their separate ways, they’ve told the truth.

I’ve been asked time and time again for the truth and at times people, women, men, adults alike don’t want to hear the truth even when they’ve asked for it.  But y’all, that stops today.  As in right now! We have to be better and in order to be and do better, we must know better and we must have the conversations that will launch us into our destiny and our place of fulfillment.

I mean, I know you desire to become the best version of yourself because you’ve told me several times. In my 13 year career as a teacher one question I ask my very many students at the beginning and end of a semester is: “What is it that you desire for yourself?” Time and time again I hear the same thing:

 “To be the best version of me, but I don’t know how to get there.”

“I don’t know who to talk to.”

“I don’t know what or who to listen to.”

Well, here’s your answer.  The answer you all have been asking and begging me to create for you.

Conversations of Purpose is a weekly podcast show that digs deep into the real issues we face on a personal level. These conversations are real and heart felt. They cause you to think and puts many things into perspective. Here at Conversations of Purpose we only have real conversations. Purposeful and meaningful conversations. Conversations that will help you find faith in yourself, discover and uncover your own purpose, and encourage you to live a fulfilled life. This is not your ordinary show.  We don’t have time for fluff or fictional content.  And we certainly don’t have time for lies.  Too many of you have been longing for these sorts conversations and we are going to give you just that.

We are going to address any and every topic that will bring you to a place of purpose.

Every week, you’ll get a conversation, a story or training that will address topics that fall into one of our five pillars:

– Purpose and abundance

– Personal development

– Spirituality and energy

– Mindset and mindfulness

– Wellness

All of these categories have been carefully chosen because these are the areas of our lives in which we must address if we desire to become the best version of ourselves.

So tune in every Monday morning, 6 am EST to listen to the conversations, stories, trainings or purpose points that will be geared to help you uncover your truth, live in abundance and elevate your self-awareness.

So I know you’re wondering who are you?!  I’m Adeola Adunni. I am a wife, a teacher, a Purpose and Mindset coach and your new best friend! I tell it like it is because I want the best for you! I love to dance and cook and create meaningful content for my tribe and community. My favorite color is pink, I rarely eat left overs and I don’t like the smell of freshly cut grass. I’m an everyday woman just like you and I too am on this journey we call life. I desire more than anything for women to become their highest selves so we all can reach their highest potential.

Having my own rough patches in life I am not a stranger to adversity and set backs and deeply desire for more, for better, for fulfillment. This is why I’ve created Conversations of Purpose. So I hope you’ll tune in.

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Once again, I am Adeola Adunni and welcome to Conversation of Purpose.